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Pharmaceutical Executive March 2018

March 2018 | Volume 38, Issue 3
Pharmaceutical Executive March 2018
From the Editor
Tackling some of the unintended consequences associated with value-based contracting in pharma and efforts to advance toward sustainable outcomes-based engagement.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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Executives from diagnostics, payer, pharma, and patient care companies converge to share the inside scoop on outcomes-based contracting.
Amid contrasting views on the success of the now well-established system of outcomes-based agreements in Italy, further demands on global healthcare budgets will likely point to their adoption on a wider scale.
Outcomes-based contracting could be a potential game-changer in linking drug cost with value, boosting healthcare efficiency, and ensuring that appropriate patients benefit from innovative medicines. But several complex challenges remain in the bid to make this model a mainstay.
Markus Warmuth, CEO of cancer genomics company H3 Biomedicine, speaks with Pharm Exec about being part of a new wave of biotech business leaders, who let the science chart the course.
Drawing from implementation lessons and successes in other industries, possible strategy shifts to pharma’s pricing playbook are explored.
The public and policymakers seek more transparency in pricing and product development.
How one pharma vet helped create the first industry-wide training standards for aspiring medical affairs professionals. 
Scope of supplementary protection certificate (SPC) could change.
Innovations in consumer genetic health are rapidly advancing—and pharma commercial thinking needs to catch up.
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
The global importance of the Indian pharmaceutical industry and the affordable generic drugs it produces is indisputable. But despite its evolving international role, India’s domestic healthcare system remains underperforming and undercapitalized.

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