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Pharmaceutical Executive July 2019

July 2019 | Volume 39, Issue 7
Pharmaceutical Executive July 2019
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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From the Editor
Highlighting the biggest observations from this year's DIA Annual Meeting—topics likely to continue to dominate industry headlines for the foreseeable future.
Big pharma compliance leaders Bryant Aaron (Novartis) and Jennifer McGee (Otsuka) discuss their companies' move to principles-based policies and the impact of other emerging forces influencing industry compliance practice.
A look at some of the key pharma compliance challenges prevalent in the Asia-Pacific region.
Brad Pedrow discusses how pharma companies can bolster their quality management programs to meet FDA’s evolving compliance requirements.
Daniel Manea, Novartis’s US head of people and organization, talks about how the company’s cultural transformation aims to strengthen and empower its talent base.
A review of market performance and trends in 2018 and first quarter of 2019 for the life sciences industry.
The decision to eradicate pharma rebates and prompt direct discounts for federal beneficiaries could, if passed, upend the market—what are the critical questions for new products?
Why the time is right for P&T committees to incorporate real-world data and ‘real-world science’ into their product assessments.
Obtaining patient perspectives during open-label extension trials.
What are we to make of the simmering public and political angst, asks Reflector
New guidances open the door to interchangeables and less costly insulin.
Strategies for pharma in delivering the full picture to patients.
Special Sponsored Section
In the middle of new reforms, and with its political turmoil well in the past, Egypt is striving to open the door to a brave new era of healthcare provision, where improving public healthcare has been assigned priority status.


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