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Pharmaceutical Executive May 2019

May 2019 | Volume 39, Issue 5
Pharmaceutical Executive May 2019
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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From the Editor
With conference season in high gear, here's the lowdown on our content highlights so far from the event circuit and what to expect on horizon.
Exploring the rise of environmental, social, and governance investing and venture philanthropy in accelerating drug development.
In this roundtable, pharma and biotech finance leaders discuss the pace of digital technology adoption in accounting and reporting, and the growing recognition of data and analytics in delivering deeper business insights across the organization.
Interviews spotlighting the changing dynamics for C-suite business managers in two contrasting life sciences settings—big, established pharma and small, aggressive biotech.
Findings support the belief that today’s pharma finance teams should be engaged across all functional areas, including regulatory, supply chain, manufacturing, and commercial. What does that mean for current and future CFOs in the industry?
Chrissy Bell on preserving positive ROI amid healthcare’s innovation explosion.
European industry fights over every inch on comparative drug pricing initiative.
The best way to capitalize on the potential revenue influx from enterprise-level drug adherence programs is to create room at the executive table for a Chief Adherence Officer, writes Tom Kottler.
New leadership faces a host of complex initiatives to promote innovation and protect public health. Jill Wechsler reports.
Steps for startups in tapping non-dilutive financing options.
Weighing the benefits of a deeper quantitative review for pharma.
Special Sponsored Section
Following its economic rise in recent decades, driven by innovation across a variety of powerhouse industries, South Korea is setting its sights on the next generation of technological growth—including new strategies to globalize and industrialize the nation’s pharmaceutical and healthcare sector.


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