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Pharmaceutical Executive September 2019

September 2019 | Volume 39, Issue 9
Pharmaceutical Executive September 2019
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By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
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From the Editor
By Lisa Henderson
There are many factors involved in launching a drug but one prevailing goal: brand awareness. Bryan O’Malley shares some of today's key digital trends affecting that mission.
Reoccurring disappointment in development portfolios—why it happens and how to mitigate it.
Following a new product’s first year on the market, there are four key ways companies can refine commercial strategies to maximize product sales.
By Pharmaceutical Executive Editors
Pharm Exec’s annual feature profiling a selection of notable biopharma brands focuses this year on new beginnings and new promise—spotlighting five products with compelling product launch stories.
Pharm Exec’s latest analysis of financial performance reveals that it’s those drugmakers maximizing the difference between the value and the cost of their capital investments that are delivering the most bang for the buck to shareholders.
By Meghan Oates-Zalesky
Expedited reviews drive new imperative for iteration and quality data that enable agility and results. Meghan Oates-Zalesky reports.
Tech-driven changes to training and learning systems—and how brand information is provided and shared—are overhauling approaches to sales rep preparation.
Amid the noteworthy product launches profiled this year by Pharm Exec are four more therapy trailblazers worth highlighting.
Market consolidation limits sales, while legal challenges offset regulatory gains.
The key ingredients for biopharma startups in building their brand story.
Special Sponsored Section
A decade into China’s far-reaching healthcare reforms—which began with the implementation of universal, albeit rudimentary, medical insurance—the pace of change and transformation within the country’s life sciences industry shows no signs of abating.


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