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Technological and eClinical Solutions, December 2018

SCORR Marketing, in collaboration with Applied Clinical Trials, conducted a survey in the summer of 2018 to address questions such as these. We specifically examined the extent and usage of applications and software now and in the future, their benefits and the obstacles that hinder their deployment.

Bridging Research and Clinical Care, September 2018

To collect data about organizational efforts and attitudes related to bridging clinical research and care, SCORR Marketing and Applied Clinical Trials conducted a survey in July 2018 to review efforts and attitudes regarding process and data integration/interoperability and patient outreach.

Clinical Trial Design Survey, June 2018

To gather better information about the nature and effectiveness of innovative clinical trial designs, SCORR Marketing, in partnership with Applied Clinical Trials, conducted a survey in the spring of 2018. We specifically looked at many emerging designs, including adaptive, basket, umbrella and enrichment studies.

Talent Survey Report, March 2018

SCORR Marketing, in conjunction with Applied Clinical Trials, conducted a survey in January 2018 to gain insight into the best strategies companies are using to attract and retain clinical research talent.

Patient Engagement Survey, February 2018

To determine how well the industry is implementing patient engagement initiatives, SCORR Marketing conducted a survey in partnership with Applied Clinical Trials.

CRO Industry Report, September 2017

Despite macro-economic factors including potential changes in trade, taxation and drug regulation, the vast majority of survey participants are optimistic that the total drug development market will continue to grow in the coming years. The good news for service providers is that 82 percent of sponsors stated that they expect a slight to significant increase in the percentage of projects they outsource to CROs. Finding out what it takes to build strong partnerships and advance clinical research is the objective of this industry survey, conducted by SCORR Marketing and Applied Clinical Trials.

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