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M&A: Range of Fundamental Factors Will Drive Strong Deal Flow

The outlook for pharma M&A continues to be strong, writes Michael Jewell.

Patient Support Programs: Cost, Benefit, and Resourcing

Working group explores the challenges of patient support programs and market research programs for pharmacovigilance professionals—and solutions currently being put into practice.

John Crowley: Living the Mission

Amicus Therapeutics CEO John Crowley discusses the growing role of the patient-centered view in company culture—not just in adding “deeper meaning” to drug development, but in building patient advocacy into everyday business practice and strategy.

Patients is a Virtue

Providers of patient service solutions for pharma companies share insights on the nuances of the "consumer" connection and the shifts taking place in making patient-centric programs and tools more alive for patients.

Pharm Exec Video

Behind the Scenes with Kallyope’s Nancy Thornberry

A sneak peek at Pharm Exec's August cover shoot with the New York City-based biotech CEO.

Why One Korean Biotech Picked New Jersey for U.S. Headquarters

New Jersey is still a top pick for companies when it comes to pharma.

Pharm Exec Talks Partnerships with Sanofi

Hear what Sanofi looks for when they decide to form a partnership with another company.

New & Noteworthy

Patient Advocacy: The Corporate Mandate

Perspectives from big pharma and the rare disease space on how patient advocacy is evolving as a corporate function.

How Precision Medicine Will Revolutionize Trial Recruitment

Clinical trials for precision therapies will require a healthy dose of education, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making—not to mention a dedication to digital technology, says Justin Grossman.

Lead Across Borders: How to Succeed at Country-Level Governance of International Alliances

Eli Lilly's Michael W. Magdycz discusses the ways in which country-level leaders approach governance and decision-making.

Multiple Pharma Issues Top Congressional Agenda

Wide-ranging probes to target marketing, pricing, and access. Jill Wechsler reports.

Parallel Trade a Victim of Brexit Collateral Damage

Despite a “temporary fix” at the ready, pharma supply repercussions loom if exit deal isn’t reached this month.

From the Editor

What Does Patient Centricity Look Like?

That often muddled picture is becoming increasingly clearer in the patient and business context as different ways in which patients, patient communities, advocacy, and pharma engage each other converge.

Two Steps Forward

Green-lighting China as our coverage focus in the February issue wasn't without conflict or hesitation, but as our reporting of the nation's biopharma landscape shows, perseverance and growth many times go hand-in-hand.


Emerging BioPharma: Your Guide to Clinical and Commercial Considerations

This eBook will focus on the specific needs and concerns of the smaller to mid-size biopharmaceutical company. Articles cover considerations from Phase II to commercial pathways. 

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RAPS Statement - BREXIT delay

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society's Executive Director, Paul Brooks, discusses the looming uncertainty about what will happen after the UK leaves the European Union as many important details remain unclear.

KOLs: An Endangered Buzzword

KOLs have traditionally exerted their influence through research and publication on drug safety and efficacy, but now share the stage with other important measures.

Patient Input and Patient Preference Studies

Patient preferences are increasingly seen as valuable in healthcare policy decision-making, but such studies are not always easy to design and implement, writes Nick Hicks.

Is There Evidence in Real-World Evidence?

The discrepancies between trial and real-life patient conditions are such that Real-World Evidence (RWE) can be utilized to supplement this process.


Ketamine-Like Compound Offers New Hope as a Potential Antidepressant and Non-opioid Painkiller

Shawn Singh, CEO of VistaGen Therapeutics’, discusses the company’s pipeline of new generation drug candidates for depression, neuropathic pain, Parkinson’s dyskinesia, social anxiety disorder, and suicidal ideation.

Regenerative Medicine Companies Successfully Advance Stem Cell Therapies

In this Q&A, Athersys CEO, Gil Van Bokkelen, PhD, discusses his perspective on the recent advancements in stem cell therapies.

One Mechanism of Action Targets Numerous Oncology Indications

James Dentzer, President and CEO of Curis, discusses challenges of biopharmaceutical entrepreneurship in the oncology indication and the opportunities for successful therapeutic development.

Harnessing the Power of Machine Learning

Jean Drouin M.D., CEO of Clarify Health Solutions, gives Pharm Exec his perspective on how biopharmaceutical companies are faring in the use of AI and machine learning


Administration Acts Fast to Smooth Transition to New FDA Commissioner

Norman (Ned) Sharpless, director of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, will become FDA acting commissioner.

How Blockchain Can Support FDA’s Agenda

The digitization of healthcare is paving the way to accelerate drug development in the industry, and the FDA is doing its best to support industry.

FDA Will Miss Gottlieb’s Leadership

Gottlieb’s tenure included record new drug approvals and steps taken to curb opioid abuse.

FDA Big Winner in Final Congressional Budget Agreement

FDA came away with the largest boost in its annual budget in a decade as part of the final spending package approved by Congress last week.



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